Trusted Puppy Breeders

Here are some excellent puppy breeders that we trust and have been working with for years. Their puppies are always happy, healthy and well socialized and always make their adopting families happy.
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The Bernedoodles

Elton and his lovely family raise adorable and loving miniature bernedoodle puppies and they love it! Their goal is to provide you with a high-quality puppy, and give you everything you need to make the transition for your new puppy as smoothly as possible. They have hundreds of excellent reviews that you can check out on their website.
Breed Specialty: Mini-Bernedoodles
Phone Number: (330) 600-8424
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Charming Puppies

Leroy and his family raise the cutest Cavachon puppies you'll find anywhere! They have been raising these lovely puppies since 2014 and have a state of the art kennel. If you're looking for a calm, easy to take care of, and lower energy dog then take a look at a Cavachon from Charming Puppies. Check out their available puppies on their website.
Breed Specialty: Cavachon
Phone Number: (330) 473-8054
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Hidden Valley Golden Retrievers

Nevin Mast and his lovely young family raise world class Golden Retriever puppies. They are passionate about raising the very best of the breed and Nevin imported his parents from the best kennel in Ukraine where the breed is thought to have originated. The Masts only raise a few litters per year so be sure you join their waiting list if you would like to reserve one of these puppies.
Breed Specialty: Golden Retrievers
Phone Number: (330) 231-4952
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Skyline Puppies

We are a dedicated responsible breeder that is USDA Licensed, Ohio State Licensed and County Licensed, located on the rolling hills of Holmes County Ohio. We care deeply for all our puppies and adult dogs! We have access to veterinary care 24-7. All our dogs are on a good healthy food program, which provides our parents and puppies with the nutrients needed to stay healthy and happy. All of our puppies are born indoors in our puppy condo and are monitored very closely, as well as started with the human touch as soon as they are born.
Breed Specialty: Bernese Mountain Dogs
Phone Number: 330-275-2353
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Blue Diamond Family Pups

We are a family of seven and live on a 10-acre mini farm. Dean, Esther, and five beautiful children along with our pets make our family complete. We have a cat named Miles, Trigger the horse, and of course our beloved dogs. Can you tell our family is all animal lovers? Our puppy story began when our two oldest children were four and two years old. We adopted a little Bichon female from a friend. The kids spent countless hours playing with her and we all became very attached. It wasn’t long after that she had a litter of six puppies at our home. They brought us so much joy and thus our heart and minds began to stir and we decided we would like to help others find that joy as well. Over the years we have fallen in love with 5 different breeds and focus on them. We have also partnered with some other amazing family breeders that meet our strict standards. This allows us to offer more quality pups to our loyal customers then just our puppies from our personal family dogs. Between our network we usually have puppies for sale, but if you check out one of our breeds and we don’t have any available pups reach out to us and we can let you know when the next litter is due.
Breed Specialty: Boutique Designer
Phone Number: 330-260-4600
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Puppy Love Paradise

Nestled in the heart of Ohio, Puppy Love Paradise is a haven for dog lovers seeking exceptional canine companions. We specialize in breeding designer breeds, including Golden Doodles, Cockapoos, Cavapoos, and Mini Sheepadoodles. Our mission is to provide families with healthy, happy puppies that bring joy and fulfillment. At Puppy Love Paradise, responsible breeding goes beyond simply pairing two dogs. We meticulously select our breeding pairs, considering their physical traits, temperament, and genetic health. We prioritize breeds known for their gentle nature, intelligence, and adaptability, making them ideal family pets. One of the distinctive features that sets Puppy Love Paradise apart is our dedication to ensuring the health and happiness of our dogs even after they leave our care. We offer hand delivery services to homes across the USA, providing a stress-free and comfortable journey for our precious pups.
Breed Specialty: Doodles
Phone Number: (330) 201-6335
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